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Combining the best of the Internet, Video Gaming and Virtual Reality.

Contract address: Once the token launches the official contract address will be here. Please be aware of scams. This token has not yet launched!

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With 18 years of development, our XAEON generation metaverse platform will be revealed in Q3 of 2023!

Why Utherverse is for you


Utherverse is Building the Next Layer of the Internet.

Users of the Utherverse will access this new Internet layer using a new kind of Internet Browser, named Xaeon™. Xaeon™ is a web 3.D browser with powerful new search engine tools.

VR spaces that are being billed as “the metaverse” will be the equivalent of websites on the new Virtual World Web (VWW™) that is the Utherverse!

Build your OWN Metaverse

It's easy

If you’re considering or already building a Metaverse presence, our platform is where you want it to be! We give you the software, tools, IP protection, technical support and 17 years of experience: Everything you need to be the Sovereign of your own Metaverse - Faster and Better!

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Built to be an interoperable hub where millions of unique worlds and games can interconnect and coexist via a system of permission

Think of the Utherverse as a web 3.D browser where you can:

“Landmark” your favorite places
Search millions of worlds
Jump into and out of events
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Patent Protected

Our patented technology is years ahead of the competition.

We have laid the groundwork for the metaverse and we will be forever tied to the growth and prosperity of the meta-era.

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of transactions

of US dollars

Utherverse Economy

Utherverse has been overseeing a vast community with a vibrant economy for more than 17 years.

Since 2008, our members have engaged in billions of transactions. Those transactions represent a lifetime GDP value in the billions in US dollar terms.

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Utherverse Tokenomics

The Tokenomics of Utherverse are designed to govern a sustainable economy utilizing our UTHER Coin along with a frictionless mirror token for in-world trade.

Business will be done between decentralized blockchains in wholly new ways, as they interoperate via our platform. This will be the true realization of web 3.D

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Massively Multiuser Online Reality

The Utherverse is the only platform that can truly handle MMOR (Massively Multiuser Online Reality) events on all devices, without a massive drain on network resources. Our innovative technology stack has already solved many of the “show stopping” issues that newer metaverse companies haven't even realized are problems yet.

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Built on

The Utherverse is an open platform, built on the Unity Engine so our developers can provide you the best photorealistic avatars and environments. Our Avatars are Full-Bodied with movements that are physically and anatomically cutting edge.

Platform Agnostic, usable on all your favourite devices: PC Mac, Tablets, Oculus, iOS and Android. Unity already has a massive community and they’ll be able to jump right in to the Utherverse and bring all their experience and creations along.

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The Evolution of our Company and the Future Roadmap of

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