The VWW® is the next stage in the evolution of the World Wide Web.

It is transforming the medium from a collection of flat web-pages into an immersive and interactive universe of business, education and entertainment. This protocol operates on the most advanced, secure and flexible internet infrastructure ever designed, utilizing breakout browser technology (Xaeon™) that enables surfing the web in 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality, all while retaining traditional flat-web browsing capabilities.

Expanding the Value of the Internet

Designed to bring the enormous value of the internet to industries that had largely been left out due to the solitary and two-dimensional limitations of the flat-web. Massive business segments, such as real-estate, conventions, education, large-scale meetups and live entertainment, as well as thousands of smaller market opportunities were left unfulfilled by the prior internet iteration.

A Unified Platform

By bringing together technologies from the flat web, video games, mobile devices, social networking and virtual reality, the VWW represents a single platform upon which companies, governments, universities and individuals can connect and interact in new, unlimited real and unreal ways. Technology and experience are compelling today, and they are designed to adapt to the foreseeable and imminent virtual reality phenomenon that will revolutionize the technology landscape.


The Utherverse VWW is designed to replace the flat-web as the dominant medium for human interactions. It is such a disruptive innovation that it is impossible to overstate the potential impact on all private and public institutions and individuals.

The transformation is in line with the magnitude of the introduction of the internet itself – if the internet had been introduced and owned by a privately-held corporation.

Built on top of Unity® the fastest growing game development and interactive 3D platform, the Utherverse system builds on Unity’s vision of democratizing game development and expands it from just games to encompass all forms of social VR development.


The platform offers a toolset for creating interactive multi-player experiences that can be as unique as their creators; including online games, entertainment venues, social networks, educational environments, services and shopping or even architectural visualizations.

Because the VWW is a system that operates both the platform and the browser, files and downloads are managed in extraordinary ways that result in efficiencies and better end-user experiences.

The Utherverse system is a software platform for building and presenting engaging virtual experiences. As such, it isn’t purpose built to do specific things like online banking or providing news; but rather as a protocol to enable the rapid creation of any imaginable type of elaborate virtual reality offerings.

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