Utherverse pioneered the metaverse (Virtual World Web) with the launch of our first platform in 2005.

Since then, Utherverse worlds have serviced millions of users. Our 3rd generation platform is preparing to be beta tested shortly and populated within a few months. Our patented technology is years ahead of the competition.

The Shuster Meta Patent Family

The Utherverse owned and licensed patent portfolio, known as the “The Shuster Meta Patent Family”, comprises critical technological processes and methods necessary to operate a “metaverse”. In many ways, we are the founders of the metaverse and we will be forever tied to the development and prosperity of the meta-era.


Our virtual economy, established in 2007, still operates successfully to this day with over 32 billion transactions and the equivalent 15 billion dollars transacted.

Our 15 years of virtual economic governance give us critical insight into the operation and maintenance of a successful metaverse economy. The Utherverse has stood toe to toe with all previous Web 3.D competitors and outlasted them all: There.com, Google Lively, Project Sansar and dozens of others. Today we renew our commitment to rise up as the standard bearer for a brighter future in the metaverse.

17 years Building and Managing an international network of metaverse worlds
Millions of users + Serviced
32 billion VR transactions in the Utherverse Economy
In US dollar terms, those transactions account for over $15 billion
Still hosts an active and dedicated user base
In US dollar terms, those transactions account for over $15 billion
Operational 3rd generation platform
Unlimited User Capacity for Massive Multiuser Online Reality (MMOR™)
Launched one of the first Virtual Currencies (called RAYS® – 2007)
Massively Successful Virtual Economy (Still in Use 15 years)
Presaged NFT’s with Virtual Goods (Non Blockchain)
Weddings - 7,847 - Full Blown Weddings have taken place in v2 of Utherverse

Company Turns Attention to Metaverse theVWW.com - best of internet + best of MMORPGs - Vision of the Holodeck Virtual World Web Web 2.0 synchronous vs asynchronous web. Web 3.0 everything is real time - Experiential Real Time Immersive Web.

2003 / 2004

Prototype launch platform V1. Red Light World - built on the Worlds.com platform1990s version of 3DVR

Implementation of VR Economy and the creation of RAYS

2008 / 2009

V2. was designed to be the first large-scale test of the Metaverse (Sandbox) Built on Prototerra Software.

Franchised all over the world - millions of users - Lessons learned. This was a sandbox to learn about operating at scale Still Exists.

2010 / 2011
2011 / 2018

Start over from scratch V3. Begins - Goal Re Architecting the entire web - creating new VWW protocols to plan for web 3.

V3 Updated and reimagined.

2011 / 2018

Commercial Launch V3 planned. Utherverse.io - Light Weight / Streamlined Responsive - Smarter Faster Lighter Build Utherverse. Multiple Virtual conventions and concerts are being held to this day - Many of these communities for V2. still exist today.


“The Visionary starts with a clean piece of paper and re-imagines the world.”

-Macolm Gladwell

In no place is this statement more poignant than when describing the visionary, that is Brian Shuster. He is truly the mind behind the Metaverse. Where domineering forces push a dogma of top down, closed source technocratic meta reality - Brian shines as a beacon for humanity. His sole purpose is to counterbalance the harm that social media has done to society; to create harmony between an expansive technological futureverse and a true human experience. Techno Humanitarian, Thought Leader, Pioneer.

Neil Stephenson’s SNOW CRASH allowed us to imagine the world as a techno future in a 3DVR reality. Brian’s vision and imagination made it a reality almost 30 years later.

Brian Shuster is a futurist and an innovator. He has been awarded countless patents and pending patents on a wide range of internet and computer technologies.

Brian Shuster is currently the CEO of Ideaflood, Inc., an intellectual property development and holding company, and Utherverse Digital, Inc., the world’s premier Virtual World software development company with millions of registered users and worldwide franchise operations. He is an industry Thought Leader and the Nucleus of the Utherverse Team.

Over the past 17 years, his visionary work in VR has solved critical “show stopping” problems behind the operation and expansion of the metaverse. His work is foundational to the very fabric of the metaverse.


Brian Shuster is one of the pioneers of the internet, and has developed and holds patents to many core internet technologies and business methods. He is considered one of the trail-blazers in internet content provision, and has been discussed and featured in many industry and general news outlets, including: MSNBC.com, Business 2.0, Yahoo, Wired News, and many others.

Brian Shuster founded his first internet company, World Wide Internet Network, in 1995. WWIN developed and deployed the first commercial advertising network on the internet, and pioneered the use of banner advertising and banner advertising exchange systems.

WWIN was involved in establishing some of the very first price points and value propositions for internet advertising sales.

Many of the technologies developed by Mr. Shuster are now widely used across the spectrum of almost all other internet companies.

Mr. Shuster has more than 100 patents and pending patents in technology areas such core internet technologies - ranging from internet operations to advanced and widely deployed advertising modalities.

Foster the Best of Human Nature 16 major international franchisees

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Foster the Best of Human Nature

Utherverse understands the need to give back to the communities that we all share. That’s why Utherverse Donates was created, having raised over $138,842 USD by members of the virtual world, in multiple Virtual Events supporting charities such as:

  • Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Heart Association
  • American Red Cross
  • Amnesty International USA
  • Autism Speaks Bikers
  • Against Child Abuse
  • Breastcancer.org Cancer Research Institute
  • Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • Children’s Wish Foundation Child’s Play Cybersmile Foundation
  • DAV Charitable Service Trust Doctors Without Borders USA Fallen Heroes Survivors Foundations, Inc.
  • Feed the Children Fisher House Foundation Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Children’s Charity Impact Festival Society Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Living Beyond Breast Cancer Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.
  • Lupus Research Institute Marine Toys for Tots Foundation Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • NAMI Nevada National Fallen Firefighters Foundation National MS Society Numerica Credit
  • Union: Daniel J. Curran Fund Organization for Autism Research Pink Ribbon International
  • Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal Safe Horizon
  • SALVATION ARMY Sickle Cell Disease Association of America St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • The Cybersmile Foundation USO Villalobos Rescue Center Wounded Warrior Project

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