The Most Reliable Metaverse Platform

Our 15 years of virtual economic governance give us critical insight into the operation and maintenance of a successful metaverse economy.

Utherverse is the most experienced and reliable metaverse platform to build your business on. Our virtual economy, established in 2008, still operates successfully to this day with over 32 billion transactions and the equivalent 15 billion dollars transacted.

For our 3rd generation offering we have incorporated the best of blockchain to provide our users decentralized interoperability.


The Utherverse is built with utility at its core.

Visionaries, Creatives, Entrepreneurs Create a life in the Utherverse. With millions of entrepreneurs and businesses establishing unique metaverse worlds to sell and promote their digital and real-world goods and services, the Utherverse will become the new Virtual World Web where you can come to earn, learn, and play - on your way to other world experiences.


The Utherverse is built with utility at its core.

Creatives, Designers and Makers can earn by building out worlds, designing wearables and objects, providing virtual services and entertainment, or engaging in any of the other millions of fun and interesting new business opportunities and virtual jobs.

Open your Business!

If you’re not ready to build your own metaverse just yet, you can still participate as a business, where you can buy or rent virtual destinations and build an empire within your choice of any of the existing Sovereign virtual worlds.

Be a Player-Entrepreneur!

As a Player, you can sell virtual services, products and content, or just play for fun and enjoyment - and you’ll get paid just for playing!

Import and Sell Digital Creations

Ours is an open platform built on the Unity® Engine to encourage an in-world and out-of-world transactional community. Import your Unity creations to begin selling them on our marketplace.

Play to Earn

New and experienced users earn wUTHER just for participating (paid to play), for selling their virtual goods, or for working with and within the world in a rich and vast landscape of new opportunities.



The Utherverse platform software will use a hybrid model of NFTs and simple virtual goods to deliver the optimal benefits of both. Simple virtual goods and services are not NFTs in the sense that they are not held on blockchain, but are instead traditionally served files from our servers or from local cache. These simple virtual goods have advantages over NFTs in that they can are more flexible for mass use purposes - faster to load, higher quality to enjoy and better performance to enhance user experience.

Virtual Goods

Common resources that are designed to be inexpensive or common files. Things like basic avatar skin textures, basic clothing meshes and textures, simple objects and props along with building blocks and geometric shape items.


Non-Fungible Tokens, of higher value (in terms of usefulness or uniqueness) virtual goods that make sense to be minted as NFTs. NFTs can be highly collectable and therefore highly valuable digital assets, interoperable via the blockchain.


Functional NFT’s, are dynamic tokens that represent goods with utility, that function in the Utherverse. They are much more than flat profile pic jpgs or artwork. They can be combined with one another (Dress with shoes), used in-world (car), created (building) and traded.


Utherverse is Purpose Built to Be an Interoperable Hub.

The Utherverse is an interoperable hub where many worlds can interconnect and exist via a system of permissions. These interlaced permissions act as an access control layer between worlds, to govern experience or game play, physics, avatars, or authenticate NFT’s and connected wallets.

This sets up a matrix of checks and balances, that enables us to manage scammers, spammers, thieves and frauds, as well as adjudicate disputed financial transactions. When users cross borders between worlds, their holdings are cross referenced and database queried on the Utherverse system. Their goods can then be authenticated, fraud detected, and permissions adjusted.

Our users will get all the features of the top cryptocurrencies, paired with all the security and recovery options that would normally be offered by a credit card.


Each User Will Be Outfitted with a Meta Wallet

Our wallet system allows users to interact with theirs, NFTs and fNFTs on various blockchains and allow approved 3rd party tokens to have utility in the Utherverse and affiliated worlds with qualifying permissions.

Users will be able to swap and trade in-world using multiple currencies. Approved tokens will process using Utherverse’s approved smart contract requirements. Utherverse is exploring partnerships with industry standard bearers to integrate into our system.


Utherverse Presents a Stylized Vision of Real-World Cities.

We are taking the best of architecture and landmarks to reimagine them in fun and versatile new ways. Our goal is to present a “best of” our beloved cities, with the limitless possibilities presented by virtual reality.

Uther cities will be ideal for brand and night life partnerships and local landmark collaborations. We are excited to build a metaverse vision of our favorite cities with community stake holders and brand visionaries.

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