Utherverse Provides the Tools and Expertise

Using the power of the Utherverse, you can quickly tilt up your own Sovereign Metaverse!

A Virtual Sovereign

As a Sovereign, you own your own metaverse, hosted on our platform and interconnected to a whole constellation of virtual worlds. Your fans, followers and customers go straight to your metaverse; but you also earn royalties from their commissionable activities anywhere they go on the entire network.

We provide full back-end support, servers, hosting and secure blockchain payment gateways, as well as in-world payment systems for gas free, frictionless micro-transactions.


You’ll be able to bring businesses and players into your world. You can hold your own events and sell your own virtual real estate, NFTs and offerings using our advanced platform tools and our proven business models.

Using the power of the Utherverse, you can quickly tilt up your own Sovereign Metaverse! We can use your existing artwork or assets; you can have your own team build for you; or you can have us build out your metaverse.

Your ideas, your design, your taste, your fans, your designer, your content, your partners and your brands can all be brought into the metaverse together, using our platform and tools.


Our USS Platform is a turnkey metaverse development solution, offering clients fully customized immersive worlds, maintained and supported by Utherverse.

All of our metaverse offerings are networked and interoperable, allowing users the ability to carry their profiles and secure metawallets from one virtual world to the next.

We will build your metaverse
Mint NFTs for real and virtual goods
Animate NFT characters and artwork
Develop games around your brand

Our Network

By being a part of our network, you’ll have instant access to a huge base of users that will find your world, services and offerings and pour in. You can trade doors and teleport points with other businesses, and you have the opportunity to buy or sell actual visitors to and from your regions - something you can’t do if you have a stand-alone offering. Businesses will get listed on the first and only metaverse search engine, where users of the Utherverse go to find locations to visit and to Landmark. That’s built-in exposure for any offering you want to launch.

Master Affiliate Program (MAP)

Our Master Affiliate Program (MAP) provides additional revenue streams when your users spend anywhere in our network of metaverses. Once “in-network” your users will generate revenue for you in perpetuity.

For business or press Inquiries

We’re aiming to respond to you within 5 business days!